Platinum Services consist of Basic and Plus Services, with a focus on Personal Development.  Dr. Clark will assist you in applying psychological concepts to your learning experiences, such as guiding you in understanding current theories of brain research,  learning techniques, goal setting, and other theories which will enrich your e-Learning goals.  Personal Development is usually neglected in traditional educational approaches, but is highly valued as we mature in our life direction.  You will be guided in how to take advantage of your emotional capacity to enhance learning.

Emotions are an influence on perception, attention, motivation, and the encoding and retrieval of information.  For example, a person with an emotional bias may be unable to accept facts that cause unpleasant feelings.  On the other hand, an emotional bias may cause one  to believe facts that cause positive feelings, even when there is clear evidence that the facts are erroneous.  When you feel positive emotions of fulfillment and satisfaction, then you are willing to exert more mental effort to a task.  Your emotional state can affect curiosity and creativity, important elements needed for motivational learning factors.  Boredom can interfere with paying attention, whereas a positive feeling can aid you in sustaining attention.  Emotions also affect the memory storage processes, with certain feelings enhancing memory storage as well as recall, and others inhibiting the memory processes, or distorting the process. 

Clients who suffer from various mental conditions, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, are particularly affected by the impact of their emotional state upon new learning.  Whereas Dr. Clark does not provide psychotherapy as part of this e-Learning service, she will provide appropriate referrals if a client encounters difficulties with succeeding at the Platinum Service level. 

Platinum Services speak to your emotions.  Together, we examine how you feel about the subject matter or the e-Learning experience itself.  We might discuss how a learning scenario made you feel.  You may be asked to respond to surveys or other learning assessment instruments.  We help you integrate your life experiences with your current e-Learning goals.  We also want to know your opinions about the live webinars--were you valued and respected?  If you experienced a failure in an e-Learning environment, did the provider reframe it as a learning experience or cause you to lose motivation?   Should we keep that link as a resource?  Your feedback becomes important for all future clients as well as serving to further your Personal Development.

As a conclusion to your Personal Development, we would like you to "tell a story" about your e-Learning experience.  Our "testimonials" are not "good job!" pats-on-the-back, but are a reflection of our ancient human need to tell and listen to stories.  This is our human heritage way of transferring knowledge and sharing information and values.  A narrative of your e-Learning experience touches the emotions and makes your journey more memorable.  Through this narrative, your ability to adapt analogies and metaphor to help other e-Learners understand your experience increases the success of our stated outcomes for the Platinum Services:  Develop insight into your own and others’ behavior and mental processes and apply effective strategies for self-management and self-improvement; Reflect on your experiences and find meaning in them; Enact self-management strategies that maximize healthy outcomes; Display high standards of personal integrity with others; Seek input from and experiences with diverse people to enhance the quality of solutions.  Your authenticity of emotion is our success.

(For more information on story-telling, see our playwright competition website:

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