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Shelia Clark, Ph.D., is a dual licensed mental health professional, as Marriage and Family Therapist and as a Clinical Psychologist.  For the past 30 years, she has provided services in a private practice setting.  In 1996, she founded a mental health nonprofit with a mission of providing mental health services to the underserved families.  On-Line Personal Growth e-Learning and Training is a program of California Family Counseling Network, Inc.  www.cfcninc.org

Dr. Clark strives to empower disadvantaged and disenfranchised individuals, families, and youths to take control of their destiny and function productively and successfully by providing them with the necessary skills to realize their dreams, through counseling, education, social skills training, motivation, and by actively participating in their treatment.  She uses her own Native American heritage as a life experience for understanding her clients' unique socioeconomic needs.

Through seminars, therapeutic groups, individual, couples, and family counseling, the local center strives to raise public awareness about the needs of at-risk residents within our community. Services are designed to strengthen and increase self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others in society, promote health, and to address issues relating to improving the quality of their lives.  For more information on the direct services:  www.cfcninc.org/SheliaClark.html

With a background in dance and theater, Dr. Clark used this knowledge to develop unique play therapy programs for children, teens, and parents.  She  also embarked upon a community project to resolve conflict and to encourage a positive dialogue between community members.  She founded the Center of the World Festival, which is an amateur playwright competition, with themes of peaceful co-existence.

This festival is held in Pine Mountain Club, CA, (PMC)  a mountain village surrounded on four sides by the Los Padres National Forest.  This small, remote community of about 2400 full-time residents is blessed by a wealth of natural beauty, four-seasons of star-studded nights, the sound of silence, clean air and pure spring water. Located about an hour from Bakersfield on the north, the Los Angeles suburbs on the South, and Ojai on the West, PMC is considered to be a bucolic “nearby faraway place.”   PMC sits at the base of Mt. Pinos, known to the Chumash Native American's as the center of the world, where all things are in balance.   www.centeroftheworldfestival.org

When you work with Dr. Clark, you will experience the unique combination of psychology, drama, creativity, play, and resolution of life traumas which get in your way of fulfilling your life goals.

On-Line Personal Growth e-Learning and Training strives to provide the same high quality personal service which one usually finds only in the private practice setting.

The difference:  You are not treated as having a mental disorder.  The classes are conducted with a life coaching approach. 

Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, action-oriented conversation between the Coach and the client. Personal life coaching is effective in helping people achieve goals, improve self-esteem, self-confidence, and resilience. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Counseling?

Counseling is more oriented toward restoring 'normal' function which is lost by emotional problems.  Coaching is about enhancing people who are already doing well.  It is not treatment of mental disorders.

Unlike counseling, coaching effectiveness depends on active and thoughtful participation by you in the process of self-improvement and is based on goals sought by you.

   *focuses on solution construction rather than problem analysis.
   *develops actions in regard to solutions.
   * builds on your strengths.
   * Helps you develop insight rather than stressing self-reflection.

Can my insurance pay for coaching?

No.  All medical insurance coverage pay for mental disorders, and further, require that the mental disorder meets "medical necessity" criteria.  That means your symptoms must:  1)  meet the DSM IV criteria for a specific mental disorder and; 2) cause a significant impairment in your life functioning, almost to the level of being qualified as "disabled."

Coaching does not treat mental disorders.  You will not receive a DSM IV diagnosis.  Your confidentiality is not compromised by any reports being given to 3rd party payors.

Dr. Clark uses an integrative approach to psychoeducational coaching.  Not only does she combine psychological and educational techniques, she uses multiple coaching models to assist you in success. These include:
1) creating a map to guide us, based upon your unique needs;
2)  helping you examine and resolve ambivalence;
3) helping you G.R.O.W. (identifying goals, reality, options, will);
4) finding S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (session planning, uplifting experiences, charting your course, creating opportunities, examining expectations and commitments, synergy, and summary);
5) examining your emotions, perceptions, and ability to act; and
6) all steps carried out with insightful questioning of "what" this means for you.

You are not alone.
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